Visible Dust MXD-100 VSwab MF (30-33mm)

Introducing new medium format VSwab for :
Leica S2 and Pentax 645
Visibledust is proud to announce the introduction of new digital medium format swabs specially designated to fit Leica S2 and Pentax 645 medium format sensor size cameras.
12 swabs per pack

Compatible with:

  • VDust Plus™
  • Sensor Clean™
  • Smear Away™

This medium format swabs are designated for sensor sizes ranging from 3o to 33 mm in width or vertical length of the sensor. Therefore, one has to ignore the horizontal length of the sensor as the swab moves from left to right or vice versa during the cleaning process.

Ultra MXD-100 swabs are very popular among DSLR users to clean the coated sensor surfaces to crystal clarity. We recommend using one of the solutions offered by Visibledust to achieve optimum results. For any question please contact our technical service at

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